The Market

This worldwide-patended system is available in three categories and distributed in three market-segments.

Application Categories

The application fluid determines the application category. For this reason, the product is distinguished into three categories.

1. Human
- Hygiene & cleansing, protection
2. Pets
Pet hygiene & cleansing
3. Object
Object cleaning & care, protection


Promotion & HORECA Market:

More than just a towel! A product for your marketing, carrying your communication, your message.

On request, an effective packaging can be created.

We listen to your ideas and implement them.


The Brand PushClean

PushClean : our retail is brand based on the pushclean technology.

Together with our retail-partners and specialists in various fields as well as producers of the application fluids, we create unique retail products of quality.

Contract Manufacturer OEM:

Contract manufacturers & fillers

Your application fluid. Our two-chamber system.

Private Label

An idee, a use, a market, a market-niche, your product created through us: Private Label : We create your own brand.